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Our member profit

I am sharing in our eBay Facebook group about our members sales and profit in from the DFY program

Making your goals a reality

Jason is a client of ours based in Australia

He is enjoying getting daily sales and getting profit in his eBay account while 99% of the work is done with our team

Interview Greg

Greg has been with our team for over a year and is experiencing daily sales.

See the interview below where he explain the benefits.

"eBay & Tiktok VIP

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"Welcome to our eBay Full Management Account Program - Your Gateway to Success!


Maximize Your Sales:

Our expert team will optimize your listings, ensuring they rank higher in search results and attract more potential buyers.


Effortless Inventory Management:

Say goodbye to manual updates! We handle your inventory, keeping it organized and up-to-date so you can focus on growing your business.


Strategic Pricing:

Our pricing strategies are designed to maximize your profits. We analyze market trends and adjust your prices for optimal competitiveness.

Interview with Gail

Gail's eBay account is 20 year old. When sold items, she manage to get $30 sales per month- after our team took over her account she was getting $4000 sales P/M after 3 months

Interview Le Doan

Le doan has an eBay account - she was only using her account to buy products.

Since our team is handling the sales, she is now getting daily sales in her account

Interview Dan

Dan has his own business and wanted to have an ecommerce online store.

That is why he joined our program - see the interview below


Global Expansion Made Easy:

We navigate the complexities of international selling for you, opening up new markets and boosting your sales on a global scale.


Professional Product Photography:

Stand out from the crowd with stunning product images. Our photography services ensure your listings are visually appealing and trustworthy.


Detailed Analytics and Reporting:

Stay informed about your business performance with detailed analytics and regular reports. Understand what's working and make data-driven decisions.


Top-Notch Customer Service:

Our dedicated customer service team handles inquiries, resolves issues, and ensures your customers have a seamless buying experience.


Security and Compliance:

Rest easy knowing that your account is managed with the utmost security and compliance. We prioritize the protection of your data and account integrity.


Customized Marketing Strategies:

We develop personalized marketing campaigns to boost your brand visibility and attract a loyal customer base.

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